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Little Giants And Other Oxymorons

Debut Album from The Maguires

Have a listen to the sample tracks below and you’ll be amazed that such great music could be produced by three kids aged just 16, 14 & 11…with a little help from their Dad.  Six of the eleven tracks on the album were written by Emma (16) and Aoife (14).

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The Maguires are:

Emma Maguire – fiddle, flute, piano

Aoife Maguire – concertina, uilleann pipes

Seán Maguire – bodhrán

Philip Maguire – guitar

with Special Guest, Tony O’Flaherty – bass (tracks 4 & 6) & keys (track 6)

Try before you buy – here’s the album track listing with samples of all tracks:

1. GO AHEAD BACK Fergal O’Gara’s / The Hunter’s House / Speed The Plough (Reels) 3:39 Trad. Arr. by The Maguires

2. C’MERE GO ‘WAY Na Cailíní (Jig) 2:12 Composed by Aoife Maguire

3. SERIOUSLY FUNNY O’Carolan’s Draught (Air) 2:55 Trad. Arr. by The Maguires

4. ORGANISED CHAOS The Moving Cloud / The Maids Of Castlebar / The Boys Of Malin (Reels 3:54) Trad. Arr. by The Maguires

5. DEAFENING SILENCE The Flattened E Flat Slow (Reel 3:24) Composed by Emma Maguire

6. BITTER SWEET Tico Tico (Brazilian Choro 3:35) Trad. Arr. by The Maguires

7. AN OPEN SECRET The Mushroom / Furbo’s Friend (Hornpipe / Reel 3:05) Composed by Aoife Maguire

8. LITTLE GIANTS WiFi In The Dark (Reel / Jig 3:28) Composed by Emma Maguire & Aoife Maguire

9. FIERCE QUIET 45 Nightmares (Air 2:29) Composed by Emma Maguire

10. REHEARSED AD LIBS The Seagulls’ Blessing / Stuck In The Bog / An Tigín (Jigs 4:07) Composed by Emma Maguire & Philip Maguire

11. THERE IT WAS…GONE! The Mason’s Apron / The Humours Of Tulla / The Reconciliation Reel (Reels 4:27) Trad. Arr. by The Maguires

© The Maguires 2017